Our aim is to obtain re-recognition of the parti and phantom colours in poodles by the Kennel Club to enable their colours to be stated on their Kennel Club pedigrees and to advance the responsible breeding of all poodles.


Until c.1900 the parti colour was a UK Kennel Club recognised colour, (last recorded parti coloured standard to be in a KC class 1896 at Rye Show – 3rd place).

Although the parti and phantom colour became unfashionable during the last century, history demonstrates that it is undeniably part of the poodle history. 

Systematic culling in the 1900s for a purely cosmetic trait has no doubt reduced thegenetic diversity of the Standard Poodle particularlyHowever, despite generations of solid colour breeding partis can still crop up in British litters today.


In order to achieve our aims, we endeavour to:

  1. Assist people who are interested in pure bred poodles and in particular the parti and phantom coloured poodles, in all three sizes.
  2. Provide help, support and homes for parti and phantom poodles in need.
  3. Practice and promote our strong belief in only breeding from health tested, breed registered stock that is poodle through and through.
    We do not condone the mass producing of puppies for financial gain, or the crossing of our beautiful dogs with other breeds.  We feel poodles should be bred from poodles for the betterment of the breed, which we believe includes our lovely parti and phantom coloured dogs.
  4. Continue to establish a UK database by recording all details of parti and phantom coloured poodles to enable everyone interested in these colours to find out more about, not just the colours, but also the breeding of all parti and phantom colours in the UK. 
  5. Promote and encourage anyone with a parti or phantom coloured poodle of whatever size to send us their details in order to expand the database.  This will then become a very useful tool when trying to find healthy pets and suitable dogs for breeding. 
  6. Administer the club in compliance with the Kennel Club requirements.