An up to date list of available Parti and Phantom Poodle litters in Standard, Miniature and Toy is available. Please contact Sara Bingham on +44(0)1278 769232. To register your new litter please complete the online Litter Registration form here.

Inclusion on the list is available only to Club members who agree to abide by the code of ethics laid down by the Parti Poodle Club.

The waiting lists for Parti and Phantom Poodles fill up very quickly so you are advised to register your interest as soon as possible.

Our members are working very hard to produce the best Parti and Phantom Poodles available in this country. Therefore, please be aware that they will be very careful where these precious puppies are homed and most will be sold with paperwork fully endorsed and under contract. Please contact breeders for specific details.

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) Service

We offer a COI service, free of charge, to anyone contemplating breeding a parti or phantom coloured poodle.

To get a true picture of how inbred a certain dog is our software goes back a number of generations. As we go further back, in most instances, the COI is likely to rise. High COI’s are considered a problem for two reasons:

  •  Inbreeding will help cement ‘good’ traits but there’s a danger of it also cementing bad ones. In particular, it can cause the rapid build-up of disease genes in a population.
  • Even if a breed of dog is lucky enough to be free of serious genetic disorders, inbreeding is likely to affect our dogs in more subtle, but no less serious, ways. These include smaller litter sizes, less vigorous/viable puppies, fertility problems and weakened immune systems. These effects (inbreeding depression) have been very well documented in other species. We know nothing in genetics is inevitable. There are some examples out there of very inbred populations that appear to be fairly healthy and whose fertility/fecundity have not been affected. But adverse effects have been observed far too often to ignore the risk. While a low COI does not guarantee a healthy puppy, a high COI should definitely be a cause for concern. As well as limiting further genetic problems, having a low COI indicates the breeder has tried to follow good breeding practice and limit inbreeding.

You can also record details of your Parti and Phantom Poodles with our online database